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Karaj, Alborz, Iran 27 February 2013

3rd Conference on Range, Watershed and Desert


Lieu et date : Karaj, Alborz, Iran 27 February 2013

Organisation University of Tehran


3rd RWD Conference is an international conference, to improve rangeland, watershed and desert management and science around the world. Authors from all over the world are welcomed


• Range Management ( assessment and evaluation, ecology, development, multi-purpose use • Watershed Management( soil and water conservation, hydro climatology, river engineering, geology, geomorphology, eco-hydrology) • Combating Desertification( desert areas management and control, wind erosion, assessment and monitoring) • Carbon Sequestration, Renewable Energy • Climate Change, Soil and Water Pollution • Policy, Education and Management in Range, Watershed and Desert Management • Social, Cultural and Economical Studies • Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Wetland Management • Ecotourism, Geo-tourism, Rural Tourism • GIS, RS and Land use Evaluation

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