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Kecskemét, Hungary September 4-6, 2013

Utilization and protection of halophytes and salt-affected landscapes


Lieu et date : Kecskemét, Hungary September 4-6, 2013


Ecology and utilisation of halophytes
Protection of saline lakes, grasslands and other salt-affected habitats
Ecological consequences of soil amelioration
New approaches and results in the amelioration of sodic soils, under irrigation and rain fed conditions (chemical, agrotechnical, biological and complex amelioration practices, afforestation measures)
Use of saline waters in agriculture
Ecology and soil-plant correlations in native salt-affected habitats
Prevention and prediction of secondary salinization/sodication/alkalization due to irrigation
Prevention of ecological catastrophes and other off-site consequences of secondary salinization
Increase of public awareness and education for the prevention of secondary salinization
The role of geological and other environmental conditions in the genesis of saline and sodic soils
Groundwater depth, concentration and its relationship with salinization/sodication/alkalization of soils
Classification of salt-affected soils for international correlation, land use and land evaluation
Spatial and temporal changes in salinity/sodicity/alkalinity status of salt-affected areas
Assessment of soil salinity/sodicity/alkalinity with new laboratory and field techniques
Remote sensing and GIS in the assessment, mapping and monitoring of salinity/sodicity/alkalinity status of soils
Agrogeological problems related to salinization/sodication/alkalization
Mapping of salt-affected soils based on environmental correlation
Modern methods for the characterization and diagnosis of physico-chemical and colloid-chemical properties of sodic soils
Legal aspects of irrigation-induced salinization

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