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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia

Associação Brasileira de Limnologia

Publisher : Associação Brasileira de Limnologia

Informations sur le journal

Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia is a journal published by the Associação Brasileira de Limnologia (Brazilian Association of Limnology) that publishes original articles in Limnology, comprises physical, chemical and biological aspects of fresh water ecosystems. The scope includes all fresh water ecosystems, such as, streams, Rivers, lakes, floodplains, wetlands, reservoirs and estuaries. Taxonomic papers may be included if it contains ecological or geographic information. Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia was published the first time in 1986 after the first Brazilian Congress of Limnology that occurred in the same year. Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia is the official journal of the Brazilian Association of Limnology an association without lucrative gains that was funded in 1982 (with the name Brazilian Society of Limnology) and have in it statute the mission to divulge the scientific knowledge of Limnology by a journal

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