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Advances in Geosciences (Volumes 1–5)

World Scientific

Edited by :  : Wing-Huen Ip (National Central University, Taiwan)
Publisher  : World Scientific
Date de parution : juin 2006
Pages : 1524 (Volume 1-5)


Advances in Geosciences is the result of a concerted effort in bringing the latest results and planning activities related to earth and space science in Asia and the international arena. The volume editors are all leading scientists in their research fields covering five sections : Solid Earth (SE), Solar Terrestrial (ST), Planetary Science (PS), Hydrological Science (HS), and Oceans and Atmospheres (OA). The main purpose is to highlight the scientific issues essential to the study of earthquakes, tsunamis, climate change, drought, flood, typhoons, space weathers, and planetary exploration.

Volumes 1–5

Advances in Geosciences : Volume 1 : Solid Earth (SE)
Edited by : Yun-Tai Chen (Institute of Geophysics, China)
Juin 2006. 272 pages

Advances in Geosciences : Volume 2 : Solar Terrestrial (ST)
Edited by : Marc Duldig (Department of the Environment & Heritage, Australian Antartic Division, Australia)
Juin 2006. 380 pages

Advances in Geosciences : Volume 3 : Planetary Science (PS)
Edited by : Anil Bhardwaj (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, India)
May 2006. 480 pages

Advances in Geosciences : Volume 4 : Hydrological Science (HS)
Edited by : Namsik Park (Dong-A University, Korea)
Juin 2006. 312 pages

Advances in Geosciences : Volume 5 : Oceans and Atmospheres (OA)
Edited by : Hyo Choi (Kangnung National University, Korea)
Juin 2006. 144 pages

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