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Handbook Of Climate Change And Agroecosystems. Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation

World Scientific

Titre : Handbook Of Climate Change And Agroecosystems. Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation

ICP Series on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation : Volume 1

Edited by : Daniel Hillel (Columbia University, USA & Goddard Institute for Space Studies, USA) ; Cynthia Rosenzweig (Columbia University, USA & Goddard Institute for Space Studies, USA)
Publisher  : World Scientific
Date de parution : 2010
Pages : 452

The portending process of climate change, induced by the anthropogenic accumulations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, is likely to generate effects that will cascade through the biosphere, impacting all life on earth and bearing upon human endeavors. Of special concern is the potential effect on agriculture and global food security. Anticipating these effects demands that scientists widen their field of vision and cooperate across disciplines to encompass increasingly complex interactions. Trans-disciplinary cooperation should aim to generate effective responses to the evolving risks, including actions to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gases and to adapt to those climate changes that cannot be avoided.
This handbook presents an exposition of current research on the impacts, adaptation, and mitigation of climate change in relation to agroecosystems. It is offered as the first volume in what is intended to be an ongoing series dedicated to elucidating the interactions of climate change with a broad range of sectors and systems, and to developing and spurring effective responses to this global challenge. As the collective scientific and practical knowledge of the processes and responses involved continues to grow, future volumes in the series will address important aspects of the topic periodically over the coming years.

Broad-scale Interactions : ◦The Role of Soils in Climate Change (D Hillel & C Rosenzweig) ◦Fertilizing Change : Carbon-Nitrogen Interactions and Carbon Storage in Land Ecosystems (J M Melillo et al.) ◦Crop Yield Potential, Yield Trends, and Global Food Security in a Changing Climate (K G Cassman et al.)
Measuring and Modeling CO2 and Temperature Effects : ◦Effects of CO2 and Temperature on Crops : Lessons from SPAR Growth Chambers (D Fleisher et al.) ◦Lessons from FACE : CO2 Effects and Interactions with Water, Nitrogen and Temperature (B A Kimball) ◦Testing Effects of Climate Change in Crop Models (K J Boote et al.) ◦Use of Crop Models for Climate-Agricultural Decisions (J W Jones et al.)
Climate, Pests, and Region : ◦Climate Models for Agricultural Impacts : Scales and Scenarios (L O Mearns) ◦Precipitation : The Thousand-Pound Gorilla in Crop Response to Climate Change (T R Sinclair) ◦Global Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide : Assessing Weed Biology and Management (L H Ziska) ◦Climate Change Effects on Plant-Pest-Natural Enemy Interactions (A P Gutierrez et al.) ◦Climate Impacts on Agriculture in the United States : The Value of Past Observations (J L Hatfield) ◦African Agriculture in 2050 : Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options (D B Lobell)
Adaptation and Mitigation : ◦Guidelines for Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change (W E Easterling) ◦Soil Carbon and Climate Change (R Lal) ◦Quantification and Decision Support Tools for US Agricultural Soil Carbon Sequestration (K Paustian et al.) ◦Role of Biochar in Mitigation of Climate Change (J Lehmann et al.) ◦Trade-Offs Associated with Using Soil Carbon Sequestration as Climate Change Mitigation (A Y Y Kong et al.) ◦Soil Carbon Sequestration for Mitigating Climate Change : Distinguishing the Genuine from the Imaginary (D S Powlson et al.) ◦Economics of Agricultural Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation (J M Reilly & E Blanc)

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