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Carbon Management


Publisher : Futurescience

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The significance of carbon management in today’s world cannot be overestimated ; carbon is ubiquitous and its presence affects every aspect of life and all lifestyles. Recognition of the problems caused by rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide has led to international demand for strategies to manage and reduce emissions and their associated climatic effects.

Carbon Management provides an international peer-reviewed forum for current insights from the diverse array of disciplines working to enhance our understanding of carbon interactions - from biology, ecology, chemistry and engineering to law, policy, economics and sociology.

Carbon Management examines the mechanisms by which we can both manage current GHG levels and reduce future emissions effectively, to mitigate climate change. The journal covers opportunities for carbon management throughout the whole carbon cycle, including technological and engineering innovations for carbon sequestration, as well as the role of natural processes. Plans aimed at managing and reducing emitted carbon, such as carbon accounting initiatives, also feature.

The core scientific research and review content of each issue is augmented by news, editorials, interviews and policy updates presenting enlightened opinion and commentary on pressing and topical issues. The journal’s diverse content reflects the range of expertise and innovative enquiry essential to remain at the forefront of this rapidly emerging field.

Decisions made in the near future will have profound consequences on the impact of carbon management for decades to come. Carbon Management delivers a synthesis of the latest findings relevant to those working in the fields of research, education, management and environmental policy. It provides detailed information in an accessible format, serving as an essential reference to inform future decisions.

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