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Jatropha, Challenges for a New Energy Crop (Volume 2)


Titre : Jatropha, Challenges for a New Energy Crop Volume 2 : Genetic Improvement and Biotechnology

* The singular resource on this essential new crop for bioenergy production * Contributions from preeminant scientists in the field * International necessecity for better understanding of how to transform the Physic nut into a successful industrial crop and viable resource for producti​on

Editors : Bahadur, Bir ; Sujatha, Mulpuri ; Carels, Nicolas (Eds.)
Publisher  : Springer
Date de parution : 2013
Pages : 614

Jatropha curcas or Physic Nut is a small tree (bush plant) that produces fruits under tropical climate. The fruits contained seed that are 40% oil rich. This oil is excellent for biodiesel. The bush is a now new coming crop because it may cope with harsh environmental conditions such as semi-aridity and poor land. It is considered as one alternative for climate mitigation that does not compete with arable land normally dedicated to food crop and can be used to regain degraded land or fight desertification. This bush has been considered seriously by the international community only recently ( 2006-2008), but worldwide scientists did an outstanding job to drawn Jatropha out of its semi-wild status and bring it on the industrial scene. Problems remains, but we have now a comprehensive picture of this crop and almost every technological challenged were addressed. From now, the job will have to concentrate on breeding in order to domesticate this species. Therefore, it is the right time to sum up worldwide contributions in a comprehensive book with a breeding looking to improve the chance of this plant to stabilize as a crop and to fulfil with the expectations that humans invested in it. A book with this perspective will help international community to give a step on. The book will be a broad and comprehensive look on Jatropha until the details since the book is being contributed by international experts worldwide that have already published works in the international press of Science. Illustrations, tables geographic maps, GPS location, etc are added by each contributors according to the feeling they have concerning what they think their contribution should be.

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