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Biodiversity of African Plants (The)


Titre : Biodiversity of African Plants (The)

Proceedings XIVth AETFAT Congress 22–27 August 1994, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Editors : L. J. G. van der Maesen, X. M. van der Burgt, J. M. van Medenbach de Rooy
Publisher  : Springer
Date de parution : 1996
Pages : 861

The book includes papers on monographs and databases, on diversity of succulents, on various regions such as savannas, lowland rain forests and arid regions, on ecology and conservation, on generic delimitations in flowering plants, and on glacial forest refuges that influence the pattern of present-day floristic composition. Some reports on floral biology and the uses of African plants conclude these proceedings. The book is intended for readers in all disciplines of botany, vegetation science, forestry and nature management in Africa.

108 chapters

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