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Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture

Science Press

Publisher : Science Press, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Informations sur le journal

"China’s Ecological Agriculture" agro-ecology is based on the theory of the development of agro-ecosystems and their stability theory and technology of agriculture in academic journals. Mainly reports of agricultural ecology, ecological economics, ecology and resources and environmental protection and other fields of innovative research results. Publishes soil, fertilizer and plant nutrition, water resources and their efficient use, crop water physiological ecology, agriculture and mechanism of efficient cultivation techniques, crop physiological resistance, resistance breeding, pest control, biodiversity protection, resource allocation and optimization The benefit analysis, agro-ecological engineering, pollution-free agricultural production technology, agricultural pollution control and environmental aspects of sustainable development of agriculture research, research presentations and reviews, as well as eco-agriculture demonstration zones and ecological agriculture model and the typical experience of a typical and so on. Engaged in agriculture at home and abroad for ecology, ecological economics and environmental protection and other fields of science and technology personnel, institutions of higher learning related to professional students, agricultural and environmental management and grass-roots workers in the construction of ecological agriculture technicians to read and contribute. (Translated by machine.)

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