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Journal of Hohai University (Natural Sciences)

Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society and Hohai University

Publisher : Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society and Hohai University

Informations sur le journal

The Journal of Hohai University ( Natural Sciences) began publication in 1957. It is an academic journal publishing original research papers and comprehensive reviews in the field of hydrological sciences. The journal focuses on investigations of water resources, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, water transportation engineering, ocean and coastal engineering, environmental science and engineering, hydraulics and river dynamics, hydraulic structure, geotechnical engineering, and engineering mechanics.

This journal is published bimonthly, strictly following the international editorial rules. Each issue includes a table of contents in English, and each paper provides the title, name (s) of the author (s), an abstract (including the purpose of study, methods, results, and conclusions), and key words in English. Most of the published papers are the results of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and ministerial or provincial Science Fund research projects, or are supported by key scientific and technological research and important water conservancy and hydropower engineering projects. These papers have a significant influence on academic and engineering fields in China.

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