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Danish National Research Database (Thesis PhD)

Danish National Research Database (DDF)

Organisme : Danish National Research Database (DDF)



The Danish National Research Database is a central portal for published Danish research. The database currently covers published literature, such as scientific articles, PhD. theses, conference presentations and lecture notes, as well as published information.

The database is based on data harvested from mainly universities but all institutions of higher education, government research institutes, research councils and other public institutions carrying out research can become data providers. All data providers are participating on a voluntary basis. The number of data providers is growing and new data providers are being added continuously.

The initiative behind the research database also seeks to participate in international initiatives that can help develop the database and expose Danish research to a wider and international audience.

Data providers

As of the 23rd July 2010 The Danish National Research Database is harvesting data from :
Aalborg University Local CRIS :
Aarhus Business School, University of Aarhus Local CRIS :
Copenhagen Business School
Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen Local CRIS :
Hvidovre Hospital
IT University of Copenhagen
READ - Research in Architecture and Design CRIS :
Roskilde University Local CRIS :
Royal Danish Defence College. Does not have a local access point to its CRIS
Technical University of Denmark Local CRIS :
University of Aarhus
University of Copenhagen
University of Southern Denmark. Does not have a local access point to its CRIS


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