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Saurashtra University Research Archive (SURA)

Saurashtra University

UNIVERSITE : Saurashtra University

DENOMINATION DU SITE : Saurashtra University Research Archive (SURA)


Saurashtra University Research Archive [SURA] is a project of the Central Library of Saurashtra University. It is an online store of freely, publicly, permanently available full text research material produced by staff and researchers at the Saurashtra University and the colleges or institute affiliated to the University. The repository acts as a focus for the University’s research output and helps to manage the research process in future. It helps fulfill the University’s mission to engender, encourage and disseminate scholarly work.


It is for full-text electronic copies of theses produced by PhD students from the University. It is an Open Access repository, aiming to make the material available to the widest possible audience, and it supports the national project Shodhganga developed and maintained by Inflibnet.

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