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Michigan State University (1997)

An interactive model for semi-arid watersheds

Aslouni, Abdelaziz

Titre : An interactive model for semi-arid watersheds

Auteur : Aslouni, Abdelaziz.

Université de soutenance  : Michigan State University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1997

Semi-Arid Watershed Model (SAWM) was developed using an object-oriented interactive software. In the model, rainfall is partitioned to four components of the hydrologic cycle, namely, a river, the atmosphere, a shallow aquifer, and a deep aquifer. SAWM estimates water yield, evapotranspiration, soil loss, and aquifer recharge—both flows and accumulations. Theoretical step-function storms of 30 days’ duration and six uniform intensities (5 through 50 mm/day) were used to calibrate SAMW against a secondary reference model, previously validated. When realistic rainfall and weather were applied, SAWM overestimated the annual ET by 6%, water yield by 38%, and sediment yield by 120%. Discrepancies are related to SAWM’s oversimplification of the soil and shallow aquifer. Interactively improving and tuning SAWM can be readily done for a particular watershed using real data.


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