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University of Adelaîde (1972)

Ecological studies of arid rangelands in South Australia

Brendan G Lay

Titre : Ecological studies of arid rangelands in South Australia

Auteur : Brendan G Lay

Université de soutenance : University of Adelaîde

Grade : Master of Science 1972

Several aspects of the ecology of arid rangeland were studied by broadscale survey over an area of about 50,000 km2 in the north-west statistical division of South Australia. Re-evaluation, after 22 years, of a quantitative assessment of rangeland condition is presented. Density of Atriplex and Kochia was measured. A photogeographic survey was carried out at the same time as the bush density survey. The distribution of 41 woody plant species (mainly trees and large shrubs) was mapped by observation using contiguous 3.2 km sampling intervals along the traverse route. One hundred and two permanent photographc points were set up during the survey to illustrate various shrubland communities, and tree and shrub species used in the phytogeographic survey. These are accurately located and could be re-photographed if this survey is repeated. Herbarium collections of flowering plants were made throughout the survey and a total of 402 identified species were collected. This collection revealed new localities for many species. It is concluded that only methods of longterm and broadscale inventory of rangeland condition and trend (such as bush density survey) could provide a practical determination of the effects of management practices on the vast areas of diverse vegetation types of Australia’s arid pastoral zone. his is not the author’s summary of his thesis. The reader is referred to the original work for a more complete resume.


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