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King Abdulaziz University (2010)

Hot Springs in Jazan Province and Their Role In Therapeutic Tourism

HAKAMI, ALIAA mohammed

Titre : Hot Springs in Jazan Province and Their Role In Therapeutic Tourism

العيون الحارة في منطقة جازان ودورها في خدمة السياحة العلاجية

Auteur : HAKAMI, ALIAA mohammed

Université de soutenance : King Abdulaziz University

Grade : Master 2010

Hot spring are in many countries of the world a magnet for medical tourism, because of natural conditions, which was the reason for its composition, and medical studies that have proven benefits. Has resulted in interest hot springs, and medical spa in some countries to Tak a special legal procedures for the organization of the treatment process, and protection of monopoly. From this point of view, the idea emerged from this study, which is trying to shed light on the hot springs in Jazan region and its role in the service of medical tourism, in the range extends latitudes between 31 47 16 and 48 18 17 north and longitude 29 11 43 and 32 1 2 43 east to get to know its importance, and characteristics of physical, chemical, and the difference between them, and their impact on hospitalization, and access to the possibility of activating the role of hot springs in the process of revitalization of tourism in the region depending on the descriptive analytical method, through the use of references for the study, and field visits for sample collection and analysis, and questionnaire distribution, collection and analysis. The study found that the hot springs in the study area originated in the places of fractal, and the water is to carve a rock soft problem slots to leak water and smoke, and the results of this study found that the hot springs a magnet for medical tourism, because they contain elements of the following chemical calcium, and magnesium , and sodium, and silicon, and Alstranciom, these elements help in the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatic, and free of toxic elements, and in spite of the lack of services available and the low levels it attractive for medical tourism. One of the main recommendations of this study concern hot springs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general and the Jazan region in particular, and the establishment of infrastructure in the areas of presence and establish a body to monitor the status of spring water, expansion of spa treatment and community awareness and definition of the importance of this.


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