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King Abdulaziz University (2008)

Taxonomic Study of the Genus Indigofera L. (Fabaceae) in Saudi Arabia

Alotaibi, Mansour Shuqayr

Titre : Taxonomic Study of the Genus Indigofera L. (Fabaceae) in Saudi Arabia

دراسة تصنيفية لجنس الإنديقوفرا (العائلة الفراشية) في المملكة العربية السعودية

Auteur : Alotaibi, Mansour Shuqayr

Université de soutenance : King Abdulaziz University

Grade : Master Thesis 2008

The genus Indigofera L. belong to the family Fabaceae. The genus includes about 700 species, widespread in tropical, subtropical and the arid regions of the world. About 22 taxa are growing in Saudi Arabia, which are distributed through the plant communities of Saudi Arabia flora. Indigofera species resemble morphologically, that the confusion on their identification can be drown, with possibility to record a new taxa in Saudi Arabia The aim of the present work is to do some taxonomic studies of the genus Indigofera in Saudi Arabia based on their morphological evidences, in addition of the study of the seeds and pollen grains by L.M & SEM. The study includes morphological description of the the following species : I. amorphoides, I. arabica, I.argentea, I. arrecta, I. articulata, I. brachyphylla, I. coerulea var. coerulea, I.coerulea var. occidentalis, I. colutea, I. hochstetteri, I.intricata, I. linifolia, I. oblongifolia, I. schimperi, I. semitrijuga, I. sessiliflora, I. spicata, I. spiniflora, I. spinosa, I. tinctoria, I. trita var. maffeii, I. trita var. subulata, I.volkensii. Morphological study of the examined taxa shows the occurrence of important characters, which can be useful in the separation of the taxa individually. In addition of the possibility identification from others Indigofera species with the modified Inflorescences to spine. The first one consists of uni-seeded fruit and simple leaves can be distinguish I. linifolia from other species which characterized by multi-seeded fruit and compound leaves. The key was drown, based on the morphological characters, to distinguishing Indigofera species in Saudi Arabia. Present study show the occurance of some an important characters, which can be used for distinguishing studied species, There characters can be summarized in : Plant habit, leave shape, leaflets number, the shape of floral parts, and the fruit and seed characters. The seeds and pollen grains of the studied species are also investigated by LM and SEM


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