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Afforestation, Reforestation and Forest Restoration in Arid and Semi-arid Tropics


Titre : Afforestation, Reforestation and Forest Restoration in Arid and Semi-arid Tropics

A Manual of Technology & Management

Auteur (s) : Panna Ram Siyag
Publisher  : Springer Netherlands
Date de parution : 2nd ed. 2014,
Pages : 2014

Based on field-tested methods and practices and incorporates wealth of detailed empirical information and data. Covering both the design/technology aspects and the project management aspects of developing and implementing afforestation/reforestation projects and programmes. It is applicable to afforestation, reforestation, forest restoration, and tree planting projects/activities in a wide range of situations, including in urban context . It will find place on the desk of the policy planner as well in the rucksack of the field worker and supervisor involved in implementation of afforestation / reforestation programmes . It can be an invaluable productivity enhancement tool by virtue of its instant designs, models, drawings and other data It will improve the quality of work done by workers and managers alike, and enable them to systematize and learn from their past experience This groundbreaking work offers a practical manual for implementing afforestation and reforestation programs in the arid and semi-arid tropics. The comprehensive text covers both the technical and managerial aspects of afforestation and reforestation, and includes model engineering and organizational designs. The book is intended for professionals engaged in planning, monitoring, and coordinating afforestation and reforestation programs, as well as for field supervisors responsible for implementing those programs. It will also serve as a valuable reference guide for planners and policymakers in governments and donor agencies concerned with natural resource management, watershed development, and community development. Students and teachers of forestry at universities, colleges, and professional training institutions will also find it a valuable resource. The book offers extensive content on the technology of afforestation and reforestation. It presents structured information in the form of charts, tables, figures, photographs, and model engineering designs that can be applied directly in planning new programs as well as monitoring the tasks and activities involved in carrying them out. It can be used as a field manual, a productivity enhancement tool, and a quality assurance tool for workers and managers alike. The book was conceived, designed, and written by a highly qualified author with many years of practical experience in the implementation of afforestation and reforestation projects. His background in engineering and forestry has led to a multidisciplinary systems approach that is both unique and invigorating. The book incorporates five years’ painstaking work in planning and converting carefully researched data into structured information and practical designs.

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