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Dry Run. Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis

New Society Publishers

Titre : Dry Run. Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis

Auteur (s) : Jerry Yudelson
Publisher  : New Society Publishers
Date de parution : 2010
Pages : 304

In the Age of Scarcity now upon us, fresh water shortages are an increasingly serious global problem. With water restrictions emerging in many developed countries and water diversions for industrial, urban and environmental reasons stirring up oceans of controversy, there is a growing thirst for innovative approaches to reducing our water footprint.
Dry Run shows the best ways to manage scarce water resources and handle upcoming urban water crises. Featuring original interviews with more than 25 water researchers and industry experts, this book explains water issues and proposes solutions for homes, buildings, facilities and schools. Examining the vital linkages between water, energy use, urban development and climate change, Dry Run demonstrates best practices for achieving "net zero" water use in the built environment including :
water conservation strategies for buildings, factories, cities and homes
rainwater harvesting
graywater reuse and water reclamation systems
water efficiency retrofits
onsite sewage treatment
new water reuse and supply technologies.
Ideal for concerned citizens, building managers, homeowners, architects, engineers, developers and public officials faced with charting a course in a more arid future, Dry Run overflows with practical solutions.

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