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Livestock Infrastructure Support Project (LISP) (Northern and Muchinga Provinces)


Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

Titre : Livestock Infrastructure Support Project (LISP) (Northern and Muchinga Provinces)

Pays : Zambia

Référence : P-ZM-AAE-001

Date d’approbation : 19/06/2013
Date de démarrage : 19/06/2014


The Project will comprise :
(1) Livestock Infrastructure Development Component : with 2 sub-components (Rural Community Infrastructure Support and Public Infrastructure Support)
(2) Capacity Building Component : focussing on community mobilisation, farmer organisation, promotion of women participation, field demonstrations, staff and farmer training, and environmental and social management activities
(3) Project Management Component : focussing on project implementation through the existing institutional structures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) but using the National Coordination Unit (NCU).

The overall sector goal is to contribute to economic growth and food security. The specific Project objectives are to improve smallholder livestock production, productivity, market linkages and income of livestock farmers.

LISP will have positive impacts on the economy by assisting to build and retain institutional and technical capacity for over 90 registered cooperatives, direct beneficiaries, with about 100,000 paid up households (more than 2,000 female headed households/FHH) and also indirectly benefit about 200,000 households (>30% FHH) through improved livestock production, productivity and marketing, reduced livestock mortality, improved food security, livestock products, veterinary and extension services. Strengthened capacity of the cooperatives will result in improved linkages with agribusiness institutions, improved marketing arrangements, increased private sector participation in livestock sub-sector and increased employment opportunities on-and-off farm for youth and women. The IERR is estimated at 31% and an NPV at a 12 % opportunity cost of capital of US$15.3 million. It is also estimated that at the household level, there will be an incremental net income of US$ 720 as against US$ 364 in the without Project case.

Total  : UAC 14,000,000
1 UAC = 1,5090 USD (May 2013)

Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

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