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Enhancing Climate Resilience Throu Sustainable Land & Water Res. Mgt Project (Ec-Slwrmp) PPCR


Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

Titre : Enhancing Climate Resilience Throu Sustainable Land & Water Res. Mgt Project (Ec-Slwrmp) PPCR

Pays : Mozambique

Référence : P-MZ-CZ0-001

Date d’approbation : 31/10/2012
Date de démarrage : 30/10/2013


This project consists of 3 components namely :
* I.Water Infrastructure Development : This will include the development of 300ha of small ( drip) irrigation schemes in the (four) districts ; construction and installation of water harvesting structures such as 18 small earth dams, 38 watering points for livestock as well as 10 boreholes to enhance efficient water use for climate resilience. Fifty percent of drip irrigation beneficiaries would be women farmers who will be cultivating high value vegetables and horticulture produce.
* II.Restoration of Natural Habitats Landscapes : Consists of two main subcomponents : 1) Landscape Management : This will include the development of a sustainable land management and investment framework as well as participatory land use planning and a study of the economic valuation of land. The outcome will enhance sustainable use of land resources in order to cope with climate change. It will also promote conservation agriculture on 500ha (through promotion of composting for soil nutrient enrichment, minimum/zero tillage, appropriate crop sequencing and rotation mechanisms) reforestation and fire control on 500ha and provision of 25 improved charcoal production units and 1,500 units of improved cooking stoves as coping mechanism to CC. 2. Livelihood Diversification : This will target sustainable livelihood enhancements particularly for the women such as the promotion of Agro-forestry including a cashew colony, community forestry nurseries and the promotion and improved management of facilities for non-ruminant livestock (poultry, apiculture and aquaculture).
* III.Project Management. Includes capacity building in climate change management, community development and training, monitoring and evaluation, financial management and development of a communication strategy. It will also cover project management activities including audit and M&E. Deliberate effort would be made to include qualified women in Project Management team.

The ECR-SLWMP proposes to strengthen the capacity of communities to address the inter-linked challenges of adverse impacts of climate change, rural poverty, food insecurity and land degradation.

The investment is aimed at promoting climate resilient livelihoods through community-based watershed/ landscape management approaches, thus enabling resource poor communities to reverse their declining land productivity occasioned by climate change and variability. It will also establish a sustainable community-based water-harvesting program in the arid and semi-arid areas of the Gaza Province and enhance crop productivity through introduction of drought tolerant varieties and ea rly maturing species as well providing diverse livelihood as coping mechanism for climate variability. It will encourage conservation of natural habitats through reforestation, agro-forestry and fire prevention. Over 70% of the targeted population is women who are often the most vulnerable in cases of flood and drought occurrences given their key role in producing staple foods and crops for household consumption. The project would also encourage the participation of women in capacity building.

Total  : UAC 13,880,000
1 UAC = 1,5090 USD (May 2013)

Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

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