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Zhove Smallholder Irrigation Project


Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

Pays : Zimbabwe

Référence : P-ZW-AAC-001

Date d’évaluation : 01/06/2012

Date de présentation : 22/10/2012


The activities of the project will involve :
(a) Development of Irrigation Infrastructure which comprise (i) construction of a water diversion structure at the Zhove Dam site, a 28 km long concrete lined main canal and 21 km of concrete lined secondary canals to convey water to both communal and commercial farmers to irrigate about 2520 ha of land, and provision of drainage where required ; and (ii) infield development which would constitute provision of a sprinkler irrigation system for 500 ha, surface/basin irrigation system for another 500ha, and installation of 10 sand abstraction pumping units for the provision of water to irrigate 170 ha of land, all for communal farmers ;
(b) Agricultural Development which comprises of provision of credit, extension services and training to the beneficiaries ;
(c) Provision of the Project Management personnel and equipment.


The objective of the project is to contribute to household food security for the communal farmers of the Mtetengwe and Masera Communal lands and raise their household incomes.


A total of 2,340 smallholder farmers occupying about 1,170 ha are expected to benefit from the project.


Total  : UAC 20,000,000
1 UAC = 1,5090 USD (May 2013)

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