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Rural Microfinance Development Support Project (Cameroon)


International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Titre : Rural Microfinance Development Support Project (Cameroon)

Recipient : Cameroon

Date d’approbation : 2008

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Durée : 2010 - 2016

Initiating institution : IFAD

Finalité et objectifs
The goal of the Rural Microfinance Development Support Project (PADMIR) is to reduce the poverty of the target group through increased incomes and enhanced food security.
The project is aligned with Cameroon’s microfinance policy. It will serve as a support mechanism to finance family farms in their efforts to improve agricultural productivity and diversify their livelihoods by :
1. Creating a more conducive environment for microfinance that better addresses the difficulties posed by rural finance ;
2. Providing access to the most disadvantaged rural people, especially women and young people, to services that meet their needs by strengthening existing microfinance networks and institutions operating in rural areas and offering services to the target group, widening outreach and developing appropriate services and products.

PADMIR was launched in January 2011 and will close in 2016.

Informations financières
Cofinancier(s) : United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) US$0.3 million
Contribution of recipient : US$2.6 million
Contribution of beneficiaries : US$5.9 million
Total project cost : US$22.5 million

Présentation : IFAD

President’s report

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