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Enhancing Water Use Efficiency and Improving the Soil and Local Environment at Al-Amer Villages (Jordan)


Titre : Enhancing Water Use Efficiency and Improving the Soil and Local Environment at Al-Amer Villages (Jordan)

Pays : Jordan

Numéro projet : JOR/OP3/06/01

Domaine : Land Degradation

Durée : 2006/2007

Bénéficiaires : Al-Amer Villages Social Development Society

The project is implemented in Al Amer Villages in Al Mujib District, designed to enhance water use efficiency and improve the soil and local environment at Al-Amer Villages, for the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable land management practices in a fragile semi-arid eco-system of the Mediterranean. The project will promote water harvesting that will enhance efficiency of rain-water use and increase storage capacity at the household level for the purpose of providing irrigation, improving land productivity and providing additional water for domestic use. It will also support small-size income-generating activities including bee-keeping, home gardens and livestock projects. The project also includes a capacity-building component that will provide training for the NGO and community members in the various project management issues including the technical, financial and administrative aspects.

Caractéristiques et résultats
In order to keep the project sustainable, its implementation will be developed around technical criteria to ensure their compatibility with the local environment and needs of the area. The criteria will also ensure that loans for the small projects will be allocated fairly and transparently. An officer will be employed and trained to manage the credit system on a permanent basis and officially employed by the Society following the conclusion of the project. A technical supervisor will also be employed on a permanent basis for the project, to ensure recording the experience and lessons learnt. A considerable component of the project will invest in an awareness programme targeting the locals, so that the project idea is well understood and accepted, and that environmental and developmental issues in the district are understood
The project can be summarized as one that employs an integrated programme to enhance the management of water resources available in the Mujib District, for the sake of meeting the basic needs of the local community and relating this to the local environmental state.This will be implemented through the process of collecting rainwater from rooftops in ground-level rainwater collection wells. It will thereafter be utilized to meet the needs of the household and the development of the surrounding gardens by various local productive trees and plants that would bring financial returns to the household. In order to implement and enhance the water use efficiency in the Mujib District, while ensuring an improvement in the quality and production of soil and the local environment. The following objectives of the project are : - Raising the effectiveness of water use and conserve its use at the level of the household ; - Improving the soil and the local environment and linking this to support household finances and food ; - Advancing the level of awareness in water and local environment and promote their sustainable use ; - Strengthening the capacity of Al-Amer Villages Social Development Society to better serve the community

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 40,000.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 29,830.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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