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Conservation of Indus Deltaic Camel for Livelihood Improvement (Pakistan)


Titre : Conservation of Indus Deltaic Camel for Livelihood Improvement (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan

Numéro projet : PAK/SGP/OP4/RAF/08/14

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 2008/2010

Bénéficiaires : Shah Bunder Development Society

The proposed project aims to conserve the most threatened breed of Kharai camels (Indus Deltaic Camel) for sustainable Livelihoods. Proposed activity will be implemented in Thatta District, which is one of the focused districts of UNDP GEF – SGP Pakistan. The Jat community in coastal areas depends upon the camels for their livelihood The one-humped camel is practically symbolic for Sindh. But over the last ten years this domestic animal has experienced a decline in its population, estimated to be about 50%. This development has grave implications for the sustainable utilization of Sindh’s arid lands and its resilience to drought. It will also affect the several hundred thousand families below the poverty line who depend upon camels for their living. These include camel-breeders who keep herds of female camels so they can sell their male offspring, camel users who own a single camel and cart, artisans who process camel products (wool, skin, and bones), and camel handlers working in the tourist business.

Major Objectives of the project are : 1.Conservation of Kharai breed of camels in Shahbunder Tahsil Thatta contributing at sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation of threatened breed 2.Promotion of Kharai breed of camels and develop international market of this threatened breed

Caractéristiques et résultats
The project is being carried out by a local community based organization of Jat community, who is indigenous community living along the coast lines and expert of camels. The project is aimed to improve livelihoods of this indigenous community through conservation and increasing the rearing of Kharai Camels or Indus Deltaic Camel and developing opportunities in Middle East countries for Kharai Camel, where best camels are used in racing.

Grant Amount (GEF) : US$ 45,848.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 14,770.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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