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Southern Voices : Climate Change Networks in the Global South (CARE Danmark)


Titre : Southern Voices : Climate Change Networks in the Global South (CARE Danmark)

Pays : Danemark

Date : 2011-2012 (phase1) 2013-2014 (phase2)

Zones géographiques The program of Southern Voices supports national networks in Malawi, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, Tanzania, Micronesian and Vietnam, Regional networks of Western Africa, South Asia, the area of the Pacific Ocean and the Central and Latin America. Besides that, the program is also supporting three thematic networks focusing on renewable energy, forestry and climate adaptation

Partenaires Through CARE Danmark, the network of climate is supported in Vietnam, Tanzania and Niger. CARE Danmark also supports the thematic networks of forestry and climate. The Southern Voices is a consortium between five Danish organisations : CARE Danmark, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Vedvarende Energi, Ulandsorganisationen Ibis and KULU. CARE Danmark coordinates the project, which also contains cooperation with two international organisations, CAN International and IIED.

The program of Southern Voices aims to give people, who live daily with the consequences of climate changes, a stronger voice in the decision-making processes. The Southern Voices are trying to strengthen the network of climate in and across countries, which are already afflicted by the climate changes. Internationally, networks of climate are braced to make an impact on the decisions-makers. This secures a stronger voice of those, who have experienced the climate changes themselves.

Among other things, the Southern Voices works with advocating activities, public information, capacitive construction and strengthening of internal and public knowledge of the cooperation organs. As a part of the program, the networks had to make analysis and estimate the policy of climate in both their own countries and on an internationally level. This knowledge was collected in an international report, which was published right before COP17 in South Africa in 2012.

Groupes cibles : The program supports 11 national, 6 regional and 3 thematic networks of climate in civil society organistions.

Budget : January 2011 – December 2012 (Phase 1) : 8 million DKK financed by Danida. January 2013 – July 2014 (Phase 2) : 10 million DKK financed by Danida.

Présentation : CARE Danmark

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