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Modélisation des eaux souterraines du Bassin de la Mer Morte (Jordanie)


Titre : Modélisation des eaux souterraines du Bassin de la Mer Morte (Jordanie)

Numéro de projet : CJO1027

Date d’identification validée : 09/04/2013

Pays de réalisation : JORDANIE

Bénéficiaire : Royaume de Jordanie

Résumé du projet
The project will include four phases and is expected to be implemented over an 18- month period :
Phase 1 : Collection and analysis of field data : inventory of the main water sources and estimation of their geological parameters, measurement of the flows in wadis, analysis of the “age” and quality of water, its chemical profile…
Phase 2 : Measurement of the water level of the deep wells in the Dead Sea Basin and calibration of the hydrogeological model with the data collected. The aim is to verify whether the simulations made confirm the measurements of groundwater flows along the main wadis. This work will provide a better understanding of the discharge mechanisms of deep aquifers and their sensitivity to the quantitative and qualitative problems observed in the wadis.
Phase 3. Modelling of the Dead Sea Basin shallow aquifers and development of a 25-year scenarios on the evolution of resources depending on the different exploitation hypotheses
Phase 4 : Preparation of the final report and summary ; training in how to use the model for Ministry of Water and Irrigation staff.

The project aims to establish a more efficient management of groundwater resources in order to avoid an unsustainable overexploitation of this limited resource and, consequently, to better meet demand.

Objectif Spécifique
The main aim of the project is to complete the hydrogeological model of Jordan’s deep aquifers with a better understanding of the exchanges with the wadis surrounding the Dead Sea and their associated aquifers, which are the main outlets. In addition, investigations of the Dead Sea Basin shallow aquifers allow a better estimation of available resources, as well as abstraction management rules that respect the sustainability of these resources to be defined. Along with the development of the model, the project will train Jordanian technicians in how to use the model and will integrate it in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation’s water resources management tool (WEAP).

Montant global du projet : 315 000,00 €
Financement de l’AFD : 315 000,00 €
Forme de concours : Subvention

Présentation : AFD

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