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Support for the implementation of the Highland Water Forum Action Plan (Jordan)


Titre : Support for the implementation of the Highland Water Forum Action Plan (Jordan)

Numéro de projet : CJO1028

Date d’identification validée : 09/04/2013

Pays de réalisation : JORDANIE

Bénéficiaire : Royaume de Jordanie

The project aims to reduce the overexploitation of groundwater in the Highlands and to progress towards more sustainable aquifer management. The Al-Azraq Groundwater basin is the pilot area of the project. Objectifs spécifiques

The specific objectives of the project are (i) to strengthen the monitoring of aquifer exploitation and (ii) to analyse the technical and legal conditions for the implementation of a basket fund type of financial mechanism, which will be the instrument dedicated to financing the Highland Water Forum’s activities under the framework of the Highland Water Action Plan.

Highland Water Forum (HWF)
The Forum is therefore an innovative experience for Jordan of a participatory approach to defining a public water policy.
The Forum aims to work towards : a common understanding of the groundwater situation, - raising awareness of the scarcity of aquifer resources,- developing a common vision for the future of the rural world in the Highlands, - exploring practical options for a sustainable management of groundwater resources (studies, workshops), - developing concepts in order to find new sources of income in the region (renewable energies, tourism, other agricultural practices), - defining an action plan for sustainable water management which would include activities, quantified targets and impact indicators on the basis of recommendations produced during the working sessions. This Action Plan is therefore expected to set out both binding recommendations and incentive measures. The Ministry of Water and Irrigation including WAJ, with support from its partner and the HWF Secretariat, will be responsible for coordinating, implementing and monitoring this Action Plan, - obtaining an agreement from all the project stakeholders on the objectives of this Action Plan and defining an agenda for implementation.

Montant global du projet : 350 000,00 €
Financement de l’AFD : 350 000,00 €
Forme de concours : Subvention

Présentation : AFD

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