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Climate Information System and PPCR Coordination (Yemen)


Titre : Climate Information System and PPCR Coordination (Yemen)

Numéro de projet : P132116

Date d’approbation : September 5, 2013
Date de clôture : February 28, 2019

Pays : Yemen, Republic of



The objective of the Climate Information System and Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Coordination Project in the Republic of Yemen is to improve the quality of hydro-meteorological and climate services provided to end-users. This objective will be achieved through improved forecasts resulting from improved observing networks, the introduction of new technologies, and access to higher resolution global weather and climate products. Service improvements will depend on training both the providers and users of services to be able to tailor information more effectively to users’ needs. The geographical focus will be countrywide. The project will have social and economic benefits by managing risk in weather-related disasters that disproportionately affect the poor and vulnerable populations through improving forecasting, early warning systems and the observed climatology of Yemen.

The project consists of the following four components :
* 1) the first component aims to improve climate resilience in Yemen through institutional strengthening and capacity building by provisioning of weather, climate and water services that meet stakeholders’ needs by creating the conditions that ensure institutional, staffing and financial sustainability of the key providers ;
* 2) the second component aims to upgrade and expand the observations networks for meteorology, agro-meteorology and hydrometeorology, ensuring that these networks are interoperable ;
* 3) the third component provides for the implementation of a systematic upgrade of the weather, climate and water-related end-to-end services provided to all agencies, communities and individuals ;
* 4) and the fourth component involves program management and knowledge sharing. This last component has three distinct subcomponents—oversight of the overall implementation ; support for the program coordination unit ; and knowledge sharing including public education and outreach

Montant total du projet : US$ 19.00 million

Banque Mondiale

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