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Improving livelihoods and governance through natural resource management (Afghanistan)


Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis

Titre : Improving livelihoods and governance through natural resource management (Afghanistan)

Country : Afghanistan

Sector : Environment and Global Climate Change

Project Timeline : 04/10/2010 - 04/09/2013

Project description
This three-year project addresses biodiversity conservation issues and improves natural resource management in the Wakhan corridor in Badakhshan Province and the Hazarajat plateau in Bamyan Province.
The project goal is to build Afghanistan’s capacity to conserve and sustainably manage its natural resources, to improve the livelihoods of the rural poor in northeast and central Afghanistan, and to strengthen linkages between local communities and regional and national government institutions.
The objectives are to a) strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to effectively deliver services by providing on-the-job training to national and provincial-level agricultural and natural resource management extension agents ; b) initiate community livelihood development by securing sustainable sources of direct economic benefits to local communities ; c) create and strengthen community governance institutions so that rural communities can sustainably manage and profit from their resources, and link those community governance institutions with the corresponding national government agencies responsible for resources management, thus expanding the government’s reach into the countryside and extending the rule of law ; d) provide legislative strengthening of laws, policies, and institutions to support resource management and ensure revenue sharing from resource development ; and e) build capacity to manage the health interface among livestock, wildlife, and people.

Présentation (USAID)

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