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Building Climate-Resilience in Agriculture and Water Sectors in Sudan


Titre : Building Climate-Resilience in Agriculture and Water Sectors in Sudan

Country : Soudan

Climate-Related Hazards Addressed : Drought/Water Scarcity

Implementing Agencies & Partnering Organizations : Sudan Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR) ; Government of Sudan ; UNDP ; GEF

The project focuses on building resilience and adaptive capacity of rural communities relative to their agricultural and water resource management practices, and relative to current and future climate risks.

More specifically, the project will target five critical agro-ecological zones in Sudan in order to encompass complexity of productive systems and modify current coping strategies that are being undermined by increasing climate variability and reoccurring climatic hazards (such as droughts and floods). Project will introduce, concrete innovative adaptation measures, such as water capture, borehole irrigation, in-situ re-introduction of more stress resistant breeds and crop varieties, sand stabilization and other land management and agronomic techniques. These will help increase robustness and resilience of highly vulnerable rainfed farming and pastoralist systems to climate change risks. By demonstrating viable and cost-effective adaptation options the project will also assist the government of Sudan to improve its food security policies and address critical social vulnerabilities that often underpin resource-based conflicts, aggravating human security conditions.

•Outcome 1 : Resilience of food-production systems and food-insecure communities enhanced in the face of climate change.
•Outcome 2 : Institutional and individual capacities to implement climate risk management responses in the agriculture sector strengthened
•Outcome 3 : A better understanding of lessons learned and emerging best practices, captured and up-scaled at the national level

Primary Beneficiaries : Farmers and pastoralists whose access to food and maintenance of livelihoods are threatened by the adverse effects of climate change

Funding Source :Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF)
Financing Amount : 3,000,000 (as of June 30, 2009)
Co-Financing Total : 3,500,000 (as of June 30, 2009)

Adaptation Learning Mechanism (UNDP)

Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM) UNDP : As an interactive online portal for sharing adaptation knowledge with improved availability and accessibility of knowledge for adaptation, the ALM has allowed for a broader dissemination of good adaptation practices

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