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UN Aral Sea Programme (Uzbekistan)


Titre : UN Aral Sea Programme (Uzbekistan)

Pays : Uzbekistan

Localisation : Communities of Karakalpakstan.

Dates : June 2012 - February 2015

Partners :
The Ministry of Economy, the Aral Genofund, and the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan

The ’UN Aral Sea Programme’ works to improve the economic, food, health and environmental security of low-income rural communities of Karakalpakstan.

The drying up of Aral Sea to 30 per cent of its initial size due to an unsustainable use of natural resources, for instance the heavy extraction of water for irrigation purposes, has had a negative impact on the region’s economy, social sphere and livelihoods of the population. Traditionally, the Aral Sea provided both irrigation and fishing opportunities, while nowadays due to the reduced water flow, the fishing industry and related sectors are devastated, resulting in a high as ever unemployment. Basic social infrastructure is scarce in many communities, including clean water, gas and electricity. The combined impact of the above factors puts serious implications upon the health and wellbeing of the population, forcing many to relocate. Therefore, the Joint Programme will target the population of the region who now find themselves in very difficult socio-economic conditions

Budget : USD 3,840,450

PNUD (Uzbekistan)

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