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Animal Health Project Mongolia


Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : Animal Health Project Mongolia

Livestock husbandry generates 80 percent of incomes in the agricultural sector and provides livelihood security for a quarter of Mongolia’s population.

Pays : Mongolia

Durée : SDC launched the Livestock Project (2008-2011) The project will run until 2015

Major challenges facing the livestock sector include low animal productivity, poor-quality animal products, inadequate animal health services, degraded pastureland, an unsustainable stocking rate, limited access to markets and underdeveloped value chains, resulting in low overall sectoral competitiveness.

Présentation _SDC launched the Livestock Project (2008-2011) with the aim of increasing the incomes and livelihood security of poorer herder families. The project focused on training veterinarians, brucellosis disease control and piloting two value chains for camel and yak products. It also contributed to donor and policy coordination within the sector. The introduction of a world-standard brucellosis-control system proved to be so successful that Mongolia is now expanding its reach. The project also succeeded in linking and harmonising the activities of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and the Ministry of Health, both of which are mandated to regulate human and animal zoonotic diseases. In order to improve programmatic focus and more effectively address poor animal health and inadequate veterinary services in Mongolia, SDC transformed the Livestock Project into the Animal Health Project (AHP), which targets zoonoses control and supports relevant policy development, as well as education and training for veterinarians and herders. Educating and training veterinarians is an essential element of combating zoonotic diseases in Mongolia. This requires substantial improvements to tertiary education for veterinarians, which the project will facilitate via curricula revision and teacher training. The AHP is introducing World Organisation for Animal Health standards and aims to establish a Region Free from Foot-and-Mouth Disease Without Vaccination in seven western aimags. It is also developing and supporting cost-effective disease

Budget : Switzerland contributes CHF 5.9 million to the improvement of Mongolia’s livestock health

Coopération Suisse

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