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Protection of Basic Services programme Phase III (Ethiopia)


Department for International Development UKAID

Titre : Protection of Basic Services programme Phase III (Ethiopia)

Pays :Ethiopia

Organisme de mise en œuvre : International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ; Other.  ; Recipient Government

Durée : Start 07 Dec 2012 — End 31 Jan 2018

Résumé du projet
To increase access, quality and accountability in five basic services ( Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Agriculture and Roads) to 80 million Ethiopians by funding block grants that ensure adequate staffing and operations ; this together with our other parallel interventions will by 2017 support 2 million children to go to primary school, provide 7.5 million people with access to basic health care, help half a million women give birth safely, provide an additional three quarters of a million women with access to family planning and provide an additional 1.4 million people with clean drinking water

Résultats attendus
The impact of achieving the government’s basic services programme would be “faster progress” towards the health, education, water and poverty MDGs”. In particular, it is expected that over the next five years the following will be achieved • The share of children completing primary school will increase to 57% for boys and 54% for girls from current levels of 49% and 46% respectively • Nearly all children (96% up from 86%) will have received the penta vaccine (combination of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, and inactivated polio vaccines) • Access to potable water within 500 metres for 99% (from 92%) of people living in urban areas ; the proportion of the rural population with access to potable water within 1500 metres will increase by nearly a third (from 71% to 92%) • Crop yields for cereals, pulses and oil seeds will increase by almost 50 per cent(from 15 to 22 quintals per hectare) • Household beneficiaries of agricultural extension services will increase from 8.5million households to 14.9 million • A two thirds reduction in the average time needed to reach an all weather road (from 4.5 hours to 1.5 hours)

Project budget : £510,074,154


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