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Local Initiatives for Solar Electrification in Mauritania -


Développement et Coopération EUROP AID

Titre : Initiatives for Solar Electrification in Mauritania

Pays : Mauritania

Durée : 2008-2011
Localisation : Bir El Barka, Sylla, Guiraye and Rindiao in Gorgol, Mauritania

Contexte _The project concerns people living in communities with a population of less than 1,000 (for which there are no plans to install electricity networks) of three municipalities of Gorgol : Kaédi, Djéol, and Néréwalo. Gorgol is listed as the second poorest region of Mauritania. The Project involved the installation of 400 solar kits in households representing 2,500 people and give them the basic energy services (lighting and 12V power), as well as more powerful solar PV equipment in 4 schools and 4 cooperatives or associations

Improve the living conditions of populations in four rural communities of Gorgol through sustainable access to solar energy
Develop the private sector involvement in rural electrification in Mauritania and develop the local economy through the use of solar energy in the income-generating activities
Improve the children’s education in rural areas.

400 households have received a light kit
2500 people have seen their socioeconomic status improved (health, education, economy) through access to solar energy in the households
4 cooperatives or associations of villages are electrified and can improve productivity ; through two conservation centres and two multifunctional platforms
The school dropout rate in this area fell by 48% through the introduction of evening classes.

EC contribution : € 300,000 (69% of the total budget)

Présentation : EUROP AID

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