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Msamala Sustainable Energy Project in Malawi


Développement et Coopération EUROP AID

Titre : Msamala Sustainable Energy Project in Malawi

Better access and use of energy with Solar PV, tree planting, and energy efficient stoves

Pays : Malawi

Durée : 2007 - 2012

In Balaka District, 321 rural communities of poor subsistence-farming households don’t have access neither use their available resources of energy (firewood) in a sustainable way such that forest cover has diminished by 85%.

1. Improved, sustainable access to and use of energy in TA Msamala like : Establishment of solar PV systems in schools ; Adoption of institutional stoves in health facilities ; Adoption of efficient stoves in households.
2. Establishing school environmental and energy management clubs to support environmental and energy issues.
3. Plant trees to reforest and replenish wood sources

1. 15 150 portable ceramic clay stoves adopted by households ; 94 institutional stoves (Esparanza stoves) installed in 8 health facilities. Consumption of firewood reduced by 39%.
2. Students in 92 primary schools are actively involved in afforestation and environmental management activities by creating school woodlots and awareness raising.
3. 20 rural primary schools have been installed with solar systems.
4. Over 440 hectares of village forest areas have been conserved. Woodlots established in health facilities, schools and in communities, have already started providing fuel wood, poles, and safeguarding structures against windstorms.

EC contribution : € 1.8 million (75% of the estimated total budget)


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