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Integrated rural development in the Kyzylsu area of Tajikistan


Développement et Coopération EUROP AID

Titre : Integrated rural development in the Kyzylsu area of Tajikistan

Pays : Tajikistan

Durée : 2007 - 2009

Partenaires : Welthungerhilfe / German Agro Action

Following a resettlement programme during Soviet rule the Kyzylsu area was virtually deserted between 1955 and the mid 80’s. This led to the disruption of structural, social and economic development which is still evident today. Besides this historical burden the area’s geographic and climatic features contribute to the poverty of its inhabitants. Core problems of the current situation are low productivity of the limited arable land, an underdeveloped business sector, inadequate rural infrastructure and a lack of civil society structures.

1. To empower vulnerable sectors of the population, including women, to make use of economic opportunities to improve their living conditions.
2. Improvement of rural infrastructure particularly access to safe drinking water.
3. Creation and strengthening of community based organisations

1. 1 106 farmers in Baljuvon and Temurmalik were able to increase their harvest by 35%.
2. 360 improved cooking stoves were installed. The use of fire wood and dried animal dung was reduced by 50%. Saved dung is applied on the land of farmers, helping to rehabilitate degraded soils in rain fed areas.
3. 31 Village Development Committees were established and registered. They facilitated 22 infrastructure projects with a community contribution of more than 50% in kind and cash.

EC contribution : € 616 802 (90 % of the total)


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