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Community Managed Renewable Energy programme for rural Ethiopia (CMRE)


Développement et Coopération EUROP AID

Titre : Community Managed Renewable Energy programme for rural Ethiopia (CMRE)

Pays : Ethiopia

Durée : 2008 - 2012

Partenaires : Plan International ; Water Action

Funded under the first ACP-EU Energy Facility, the project targeted over 83 000 rural people in communities where lack of reliable and affordable sources of energy is challenging the level of provision of basic social services

1. To improve access and quality of essential services such as health care, education and potable water supply in rural communities through increased access to renewable energy.
2. To improve the income of households and their natural environment through the promotion and dissemination of solar energy and Fuel Saving Stoves (FSS use 50% less fuel wood than traditional stoves).
3. To build the capacity of communities, civil society and the private and public sectors to ensure the development, promotion and management of renewable energy options.

1. Installation of solar power units in 10 schools and 10 health centres, increasing access to education by longer opening hours of schools, and enabling health centers to stock vaccines and provide improved 24-hour emergency services.
2. Installation of 13 solar powered pumps, improving access to potable water.
3. Production and selling of 6000 household stoves by 12 women’s producer groups.
4. 34 project staff and associates have the capacity to effectively promote, manage and monitor renewable energy programmes.

EC contribution : € 967 000 (75% of total)


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