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Promoting tourism in Aqaba region, Jordan


Développement et Coopération EUROP AID

Titre : Promoting tourism in Aqaba region, Jordan

Institutional support to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority programme (IS-ASEZA)

Pays : Jordan

Durée : 2002 - 2008

Partenaires : ASEZA - Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

The Aqaba Region is considered as an area of strategic importance to the development of the whole of Jordan. In 2001, the Government of Jordan established the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) as a liberalised, low-tax, duty-free and multi-sectoral development area. The objective of the ASEZ is to transform the underdeveloped Aqaba region into an engine of economic growth in Southern Jordan through the introduction of a modern, efficient, simplified business environment, to attract investment and maximize private sector participation. The region’s major asset is its diverse tourist potential due to its unique location - at the border of desert and sea, and at the crossroads of four countries ; interesting topography - mountains and deserts.

• To support the institutional development of tourism in ASEZA ; • To promote Aqaba to become an international holiday destination ; • To integrate the local community in the development process.

• A fully staffed Tourism division and Tourism information center were established ; • A Tourism Marketing Strategy for Aqaba (2005-2010) has been developed and published ; • 800,000 branded publications were published in 8 languages (101 things to do in Aqaba, Diving in Aqaba, Where to eat in Aqaba, Aqaba mini guide, Map of Aqaba, Experience Wadi Rum) ; • Achieved targets of 60% occupancy in hotels ; • 4500 persons trained or were part of the awareness campaigns.

EC contribution : €10 million


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