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Improving agriculture sector drought response coordination in Ethiopia


Code du projet : OSRO/ETH/107/USA

Pays : Ethiopia

Localisation : Areas at risk of drought

Durée : 07/07/2011-31/12/2012

Partenaires  : Ministry of Agriculture.

Donneur : United States of America

Objectif  : To strengthen the effectiveness of agriculture- and livelihood-related responses to La Niña through : enhanced leadership, better information dissemination, improved coordination, more timely and effective response and strengthening the capacity of members to perform more effectively.


1. Organized a total of six monthly Disaster Risk Management Agriculture Task Force (DRM AFT) meetings and six discussion fora, with participation from relevant technical persons from FAO and other research institutions.
2. Supported the production of GIS- and GPS-based risk prone area and response maps in order to support response programmes by member organizations.
3. Supported the establishment of the Addis Ababa Urban Agriculture Network and the Ethiopian Association of Animal Production.
4. Organized a national DRM ATF conference and identified best practices on DRM in agriculture.
5. Trained 75 Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (DRMFSS) personnel on the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards, 75 DRMFSS personnel on disaster response reporting and 25 DRMFSS personnel on communication and reporting skill development.
6. Organized a study visit of four Government staff members to Bangladesh in order to gain insight on food security systems.


1. Improved coordination of emergency interventions related to La Niña-induced drought response and early recovery.
2. Promoted increased stakeholder participation in the ATFs of agencies engaged in drought response.
3. Improved institutional and technical capacities of Government and communities in early warning and disaster preparedness

Contribution : USD 400 000

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