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Food system monitoring for effective crisis management in Libya


Code du projet :

Pays : Libya

Localisation : Eastern Libya

Durée : 27/10/2011-30/04/2012

Partenaires  : Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

Donneur : Italy

Objectif  : To provide immediate agriculture/food security assistance, including essential data collection, classification and analysis, and related institutional support


1. Organized and delivered a three-week training programme entitled “Introduction to agricultural policy formulation and analysis” on the following topics : agricultural strategies and policies ; policy instruments ; market efficiency and market failures ; agricultural policy process ; and introduction to the economics of agricultural production.
2. Delivered seminars on the following topics : components of food security ; application of the policy analysis matrix ; and agricultural development policies in North Africa and the Near East.
3. Assisted MoA in drafting a framework to expand capacity development at all technical and functional levels.

Contribution : USD 212 912 EUR 155 000

Lien vers la présentation du projet : la FAO en situations d’urgence

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