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Regional logistics augmentation in support of the Sahel Drought Crisis


Titre : Regional logistics augmentation in support of the Sahel Drought Crisis

The Sahel region—particularly Niger, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria —is once again facing a serious food security and nutrition crisis with alarming rates of malnutrition and associated mortality

Pays : Sahel

Durée : 6 months (April 01 to 01 October 2012)

The drought in the Sahel poses a significant logistical challenge to the World Food Programme. West Africa is a poor region in which the current infrastructure, ports and inland transport corridors, are largely inadequate to absorb the quantities of humanitarian assistance required to reach people in need. The supply chain is complex, with several activated corridors and different procurement modalities, international as well as regional. The food pipeline also includes significant quantities of nutritious commodities that are sensitive to the hot climate in the Sahel region. _ This Special Operation is intended to augment the regional logistics capacities to meet the immediate transport and storage needs for WFP, as well as the potential needs of the wider humanitarian community. At the same time it makes provisions for facilities that will benefit WFPs operations in the region beyond this emergency, in particular with regard to the setting up and some construction works to establish adequate storage facilities for sensitive food commodities.

The Objectives of this Special Operation are : • To enhance the overall logistics set-up in the region ; • To enhance interagency logistics coordination structures through the Logistics and the Emergency Telecommunications Clusters • To ensure that sufficient and adequate storage capacity, including temperature controlled warehouses, is available in strategic locations in all corridors ; • To augment the transport capacity as, and where, required ; • To ensure sufficient logistics support to regional procurement operations ; • To support and facilitate supply chain related decision-making ;

Total cost : USD $ 5,647,461

Programme Alimentaire Mondial (WFP)

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