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Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Chad (2012)


Titre : Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Chad (2012)

Pays : Tchad

Durée : 01st January 2012 to 31st December 2012

The areas where populations in need of humanitarian assistance are living are far away from the United Nations agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGOs) field offices. Given the poor road conditions and the prevailing insecurity, travel by road is extremely risky and not-practical. Besides the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which provide passenger air service for its own staff, WFP Humanitarian Air Service (WFP/UNHAS) remains the safe and reliable mode of transport for the humanitarian community in Chad. Special Operation 200377 will be organized and managed through the WFP Chad Country Office.

This WFP/UNHAS operations will seek to provide a safe, reliable and cost efficient air transport service to the humanitarian community providing assistance to refugees, host populations and Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) throughout the country in 2012. This service has been requested by over 100 humanitarian agencies and the donor community currently operating in Chad. In 2012 WFP/UNHAS is planning to maintain same fleet size as in 2011 - 5 fixed wing aircraft to service at least 18 destinations on regular basis.

There are still about 300,000 refugees in Chad reliant on Humanitarian aid- 240,000 Sudanese along the Chadian/ Darfur border and about 60,000 from Central African Republic(CAR) along the Chadian /CAR border. There are also about 131,000 IDPs in Eastern Chad receiving humanitarian assistance. Approximately 1.6 million people are affected by malnutrition mainly in the Sahel from where most of the returnees from Libya originate. The returnees came back poor and thus have worsened the situation in the region

The objectives are : • To provide safe, efficient and cost-effective inter-agency air transport service for over 100 United Nations Agencies, NGOs and donor organizations providing humanitarian assistance to Sudanese refugees, host populations and IDPs in the region ; • To transport light cargo such as medical supplies, high energy foods and information and communications technology (ICT) equipment ; and • To provide timely medical and security evacuations for the humanitarian community in Chad.

The project will implement standard WFP management structures and support systems : • Passenger and cargo booking will be made through WFP/UNHAS management structures, with data and voice connectivity available to relay flight manifest and schedules to all locations where WFP maintains sub-offices for distribution to users. • A dedicated communication system is in place to monitor the location and flight progress of all WFP operated aircraft through VHF/HF radios and the Satellite tracking system in the interest of flight safety. • The Web Based Electronic Flight Management Application (EFMA) system implementation is ongoing. The system enables monitoring of usage of the air service by various agencies, load factors, flight routing and provide operational and cost data for management overview. • Weekly/ monthly flight schedules are maintained, with flexibility to adjust to requests for special flights.

Coût Total : US$17,616,692

Programme Alimentaire Mondial (WFP)

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