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Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Somalia and in Kenya


Titre : Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Somalia and in Kenya

Pays : Somalia

Durée : 01st January 2013 to 31st December 2014

In Somalia lack of safe and reliable Commercial passenger airlines and transport over land being highly risky due to the potential for attacks on convoys and the presence of IEDs and landmines, leaves UNHAS as the only reliable option for safe air travel for humanitarian personnel throughout the country to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected population.

Since 2011 the large influx of Somali refugees into Kenya has caused a scale up of humanitarian activities and subsequently, the need for a common air transport to reach the remote refugee camps of Dadaab and Kakuma in northern Kenya. Special Operation 200507 will be managed through the WFP Somalia office with the Kenya Country Office responsible for financing their component of the operation and chairing their own user group meetings. The air services under this SO have been requested by over 100 humanitarian agencies and the donor community currently operating in Somalia and in Kenya. In 2013-2014 UNHAS is planning to have a fleet size of 8 fixed wing aircraft to service at least 30 destinations on a regular basis. The fleet will be revised in line with the humanitarian needs and if necessary, changes will be processed through budget revisions.

The objectives are : • To provide safe, efficient and cost-effective inter-agency air transport service for over 100 United Nations Agencies, NGOs and donor organizations operating in both Somalia and Kenya ; • To transport light cargo such as medical supplies, specialized emergency food stuff and high value equipment (ICT) ; and • To provide timely medical and security evacuations for the humanitarian community in the region.

Coût Total (United States dollars)
Total cost to WFP : US$70,982,805

Programme Alimentaire Mondial (WFP)

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