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Mechanics of Wind-blown Sand Movements


Titre : Mechanics of Wind-blown Sand Movements

Auteur : Zheng, Xiaojing
Publisher  : Springer
Date de parution : 2009
Pages : 309

Mechanics plays a fundamental role in aeolian processes and other environmental studies. This proposed book systematically presents the new progress in the research of aeolian processes, especially in the research on mechanism, theoretical modelling and computational simulation of aeolian processes from the viewpoint of mechanics. Nowadays, environmental and aeolian process related problems are attracting more and more attention. We hope this proposed book will provide scientists and graduate students in aeolian research and other environmental research some mechanical methods and principles and introduce aeolian related problems of environment to mathematical and mechanical scientists.

Mots clé : Aeolian Process - Computational Modelling - Environmental Mechanics - Mechanism Analysis - Wind Erosion

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