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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2007)

Analysis of Properties of Super Absorbent Polymer and It’s Application Effect on Carrot in Sandy Soil in Semiarid Area

Zuo Yong Li

Titre : Analysis of Properties of Super Absorbent Polymer and It’s Application Effect on Carrot in Sandy Soil in Semiarid Area

Auteur : Zuo Yong Li

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

With the increasingly severe water shortage situation in the case of a limited amount of water, how to maximize the utilization of water has become a hot issue of concern at home and abroad. Aquasorb technology agricultural chemical water-saving technology has developed rapidly in recent years. The method of this paper through the combination of indoor and field trials, the water absorption of the water retention agent, water retention characteristics, as well as retaining agent carrot emergence, growth, yield and field soil moisture content, aquasorb agricultural water saving The application provides theoretical support and technical guidance. The main results are as follows : retaining agent water absorbency in tap water by the structural characteristics aquasorb impact, significant differences in different composition aquasorb maximum water absorbency ; size of the aquasorb particles affect its water absorption rate, fine particles, water absorption speed, otherwise slow ; aquasorb in a solution containing Ca2 and Na in the water absorption ratio was significantly lower than in tap water, and the influence of the divalent ion is large compared to the monovalent ions. Aquasorb a significant role in improving the water-holding capacity of the soil, and the best effect in the coarse soil texture, but the application rate can not be too large, and when the amount is large, wilting significantly increased. Water absorption and water-holding capacity of the soil characteristics aquasorb low water absorbency of retaining agent in soil with a high clay content than in the low clay content of the soil, the water retention is just the opposite. The right amount of water absorbent applied to improve soil moisture has a significant role, but there is no obvious improvement, when large amount of aquasorb Summer 0 20cm soil surface moisture. Due to the improvement of the soil moisture content, and promote the emergence and growth of carrot, thereby increasing the yield and by retaining agent mode of application, application rate, and soil moisture conditions and other factors, but its application results. Comprehensive application of effective and economic considerations, the soaking and Summer of aquasorb appropriate application rate were 0.4 0.5kg / acre and 1.5 2.0kg / mu ; For aquasorb and soil mixed fertilizer in the growing period rainfall about 154mm per acre 450m3 irrigation, the application rate is between 1.0 3.0kg / mu, carrot seedling emergence and yield no significant role. Water absorbent applied appropriately reduce the germination rate of the seeds the amount of carrots will not decline. Retaining agent carrot emergence of the applied aquasorb depth, Summer case, when the concentration is low, the rate of emergence of shallow facilities than deep application and, at higher concentrations, the the deep application germination rate is higher than shallow , but, whether it is deep application or shallow measures When the applied concentration aquasorb exceeds 0.50%, the germination rate than the control has decreased in varying degrees. Water retention agent application depth and application rate to the same low concentrations of mixed fertilizer germination rate higher than that of Summer, Summer emergence rate higher than the higher concentrations mixed fertilizer, but was no significant difference between the two. Two different mode of administration, the economic benefits of retaining agent to improve the carrot also has a significant role for aquasorb soaking and Summer, retaining agent acres 0.4kg / 2.0kg / mu, carrots mu income can 488.5 and 344.6 yuan.

Mots clés : Aquasorb Absorbent water retention characteristics Analysis Semiarid area Sandy soil Carrot Application

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