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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2004)

The Dynamic of Eco-biological Characteristics of Crested Wheatgrasses in Desert Steppe

殷国梅; Yin Guo Mei

Titre : The Dynamic of Eco-biological Characteristics of Crested Wheatgrasses in Desert Steppe

Auteur : 殷国梅; Yin Guo Mei

Grade : Master’s Theses 2004

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

The study was conducted on the experimental demonstrative base for industrialized production technique of wheat grasses in west Sunite banner, Xilingol county ,Inner Mongolia in 2002 and 2003. The objective lied in comparing adaptability and yield performance of three species of wheat grasses under irrigation and natural condition on desert steppe. The results showed that : three species all can resistant to drought ,wind-drift sand and endure to sterile soil, and with fine adaptability to local condition that there are irrigation in growth phase and no irrigation in post-vegetative phase in 2002 and there are no irrigation in growing period and irrigation in after bearing phase in 2003. Among the three species ,Agropyron cristatum× A.desertorum cv.Hycrest Mongnon (Mongnon wheat grasses) turned to green early and turned to yellow late and green period and growing period was longest. It was found that three species of wheat grasses have a lot of tillers that the soil moisture is suitable in after bearing period in 2003, The tillers of Mongnon wheat grasses increased from 267 per m2 in 2002 to 2760 per m2 in 2003, Agropyron mongolicum Keng cv.neimeng.(Mongolicum wheat grasses ) from 69 per m2 to 1980 per m2 , Agropyron desertorum (Fisch.) Schult.( Desertorum wheat grasses) from 369 per m2 to 2808 per m2. Comparising 2003 to 2002 ,the seed yield of Mongnon wheat grasses、Mongolicum wheat grasses, and Desertorum wheat grasses were decreased 14.59kg/mu ,18.22 kg/mu, 9.48 kg/mu respectively . During the bearing phase the hay yield of Mongnon wheat grasses,Mongolicum wheat grasses were decreased 8.96 kg/mu,166.99 kg/mu, Desertorum wheat grasses was increased 34.8 kg/mu. According to the character of species, Mongnon wheat grasses was a high-yielding variety with strong heterosis, which was easily affected by environmental condition and requested more water and manuer . It was able to get higher yield under proper condition .However, Mongolicum wheat grasses is local speices with extremely stronger drought tolerance , it growed normal when soil moisture is less than 2% ; Desertorum wheat grasses has three kinds of root system in the same experimental site. This biological properties could be adapted to various conditions

Mots clés : wheatgrasses; Eco-biological Characteristics; Dynamic;

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