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Gansu Agricultural University (2007)

Study on the Ecological Adaptability of Triticale from CIMMYT in Dryland of Northwest China

Yang Jun Hai

Titre : Study on the Ecological Adaptability of Triticale from CIMMYT in Dryland of Northwest China

Auteur : Yang Jun Hai

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

Résumé partiel
Triticale is a human creation, a new crop. Triticale from discovery to more than a hundred years, less than 40 years to try to grow in production promotion, triticale acreage in 2002 reached 3,275,000 ha 2, throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States and oceans State, area and yield have met or exceeded the flax, sesame and mung bean. Triticale for grain, forage, beer, health care products, and bioenergy. Especially in developing countries, triticale disease resistance, strong resistance, acid and alkali, wide adaptability, the biological high yield and nutritional quality, the relative water conservation, and fertilizer, not playing or playing chemicals can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and better green food and feed. Test our hospital since 2002, introduced from CIMMYT, 34th, 35th, 36th International Triticale breeding nursery and 35th international triticale yield nursery 41 small rye new lines as test materials focus on the introduction of triticale new line production, agronomic traits, drought resistance, grain filling characteristics, resistance to stripe rust research, the introduction of the province in the central CIMMYT bred promote the use of triticale varieties (lines) some preliminary theoretical and references. Through the experimental study, the following conclusions : the new line of triticale production was significantly higher than the local control, in the three years of dry land, the two-year water comparative test, the yield differences were very significant level, in the dryland yield strains than in water to yield strains. 8 in 2004 to participate in dryland goods than the 10 small rye strains than the scheduled West 24 Hao yield increase to 1.70 to 27.20 percent, 6 Ge Dingxi No. 24 yield differences significantly with, including three difference extremely significant with, Participation trial triticale strains 60% more Dingxi 24 significant increase ; 2005 to participate in dryland products than 9 triticale strains than those given West 35 yield, an increase of 11.82% to 24.05%, 6 Dingxi 35 numbers yield differences, which three difference extremely significant with parameter test small rye strains of 66.67% compared to fixed West No. 35 significantly with the increase ; 2006 to participate in dryland goods than the 23 small rye strains, 22 compared with Gan beer 4 Hao, given West 35, No. yield than fixed 0.680% to 32.819% increase in the West 35 No. of 6 Ganpi No.4 yield differences significantly with which five differences extremely significant with ; 16 with fixed-West 35 No. of yield differences significant difference eight extremely significant, the triticale tested strains of 69.56% compared to fixed a significant increase in the West 35. Product ratio in 2005 to participate in the water to 20 triticale strains, 19 in the 23rd over Longchun yield increased to 1.321% to 33.207% 3 Longchun 23 yield significantly different, in which a difference highly significant, 15 percent of the participants triticale lines than Gansu significantly increase production in spring and No. 23 ; 19 more in 2006 to participate in the water to product ratio 23 triticale strains Ganpi No. 4 and No. 23 Longchun increase, compared to the increase in the Longchun 23 Hao of 1.281% to 35.207%, 3 and Ganpi the 4th yield difference is remarkable, including a difference in a very significant with ; 3 also Longchun 23 yield differences significantly forward, including a difference highly significant, 13.04% of the tested triticale lines compared Gansu significantly increase production in the spring of the 23rd. 8 difference analysis of the traits of the tested varieties (lines) height, ear length, dry land, water, land a significant difference.

Mots clés : Triticale Yield Characters Drought resistance Resistance to stripe rust Application

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