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Stockholms universitet (2013)

The role of agricultural interventions for the Sahelian re-greening

Sundin, Anneli

Titre : The role of agricultural interventions for the Sahelian re-greening

Auteur : Sundin, Anneli

Université de soutenance : Stockholms universitet

Grade : Master (Two Years) 2013

The Sahel region has over the past three decades experienced a greening trend, in terms of increased vegetation, and studies show that land management might have contributed to this trend. After periods of droughts in the 1970s and early 1980s development agencies have invested considerably in agricultural projects in the Sahel, promoting the use of improved farming techniques. Using GIS mapping, this study explores the potential impact of these interventions on the re-greening in the northern parts of Burkina Faso and south-western parts of Niger. By bridging research made on a micro-scale (local case studies) with macro-scale studies (remote sensing analysis) new perspectives are added to the discussion on the on-going landscape changes in the Sahel. The results do not indicate any correlation between spread of agricultural interventions and re-greening over the study area as a whole. However, some interesting differences were found between different sub-regions. In the northern parts of Burkina Faso the spatial extent of agricultural intervention programs seems to correlate fairly well with increases in NDVI, which is consistent with local-scale research from that area. In the far east of the study area, in Niger, on the other hand, the results instead point in the opposite direction. The thesis concludes that while the effectiveness of some types of agricultural intervention programs might be questioned, the re-greening is also a very complex process in which scale considerations are of key importance for understanding manifestations and effects of current landscape changes. More in situ research is needed to further our understanding of what role agricultural interventions may have in increasing resilience in the Sahel.

Mots Clés : Re-greening, agricultural interventions, NDVI, Sahel, Burkina Faso, Niger, resilience, desertification


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