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Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem (2011)

Les stratégies du développement touristique durable en Algérie : étude de cas, Mostaganem


Titre : Les stratégies du développement touristique durable en Algérie : étude de cas, Mostaganem

Auteur : HADJIJ Ilhem

Université de soutenance : Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem

Grade : Magister 2011

Current economic development on a world level rests on hydrocarbons whose market is characterized by the double stake of instability of prices, which put in difficulty the producers and the consumers, and the exhaustion of this resource. Algeria whose economic development is based on 98% on the income of hydrocarbons questions more and more on opportunity of diversifying its financial resources except hydrocarbons. It is directed resolutely towards the valorization of all its resources among which, tourism. This sector which knew these last years an increase in the national P.I.B except hydrocarbon while passing of (1, 8%) in 1999 to (2, 3%) in 2009 (O.N.S 2009), offers enormous potentialities such as the offer of employment which knew a growth rate of (56.6%) between 2000 and 2008 (ONS 2009). In addition, the tourist activity can have negative effects on the ecosystems, the water resources, the human relations being able to involve sometimes brutal confrontations of the cultures. The objective of this research is to expose the stakes of the tourist development, its conflicts and its strategists within the framework of sustainable development. Mostaganem was retained as ground of investigation because it constitutes an area rich in history and cultural heritage, and it is equipped with panoramic landscapes which give advantages to making it a tourist destination choice. After having drawn up a report on the state of tourism, it various types and put the light on certain problems which the decision makers encounter, the local community and the tourists one can deduce that a tourist sustainable development is based on the installation of a policy of quality rather than that of a quantitative growth. Indeed, if one decides to choose bearable tourism, then, one must approach the complexity of reality since it is necessary to observe the component elements of a place before practicing a tourist development policy. It is also necessary to take into account the natural environment characteristics, the diversity of the worships and the cultures. Finally, act on mentalities in order to acquire a tourist culture where the customer is a king.


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