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Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds

Blackwell Publishing

Auteurs : Kenneth N Brooks, Peter F Ffolliott, Hans M Gregersen, Leonard F Debano

Publisher : Blackwell Publishing
Date : 2003
Pages : 590 pages


Changes in this expanded and completely updated new edition include :
Expanded discussion of stream channel processes, morphology, and classification ;
A new Part Three contains a chapter on basic water quality and a new chapter on water quality management ;
The topics of riparian and wetland hydrology and management have been expanded into two new chapters ;
A new section on Special Topics includes topics that will be of interest to managers and are intended to complement the earlier parts of the book ;
Chapter One Hydrologic Methods remains as a highly technical chapter that can be used to quantify some of the hydrologic relationships discussed in earlier chapters ;
Chapter Eighteen presents tools for analysis and research in watershed management ;
A new Part Six is comprised on a single, comprehensive chapter that condenses and updates material from three chapters in the previous edition that focused on socioeconomic considerations.

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